Here You Can Read Some of Our Satisfied Client Testimonials in Toronto

Jamie Reid

Car remote programming in Aurora

When I bought my car from the used car dealership they assured me they would send me the spare car remote, well that never happened and I lost my original one. Since my vehicle is a bit older the door locks are not in the best of shape, so I need the car remote to get in and out. I called Car Locksmiths and they were able to send a technician to my house in Aurora to program a new car remote for me right away. In less than a hour I had the remote I needed to get in and out of my car once again. Thanks!

Tyrone Jackson

Ignition replacement in Hamilton

  Kids are great, that is until the try to start your car with the leg of a Barbie doll. This occurred the other day, I went to leave the house in the morning to find Barbie parts all over my car and one leg stuck in my ignition. I could not get the leg all the way out and therefor could not turn my car on. I call Car Locksmiths who sent a technician right out and he was also unable to get the leg out of the ignition which meant he needed to change my entire ignition. In under 2 hours the tech came out to Hamilton replaced my ignition and even put my daughters Barbie back together. Thank You!

Dan Mandrake

Mercedes Car key replacement in Pickering

  Living in Pickering it is not often you think someone will steal your car keys, well that is what I thought. I was out to dinner and was unaware someone has taken my car key until it was time to take my date home and could not open the door to my car. I searched online and found Car Locksmiths they had a guy who specialized in Mercedes car key replacement and was able to come all the way out to the restaurant parking lot in less than a hour to make the new key I needed. My date wasn't too upset it actually made for a funny story. Thank you again!

Terry Bradsin

BMW Car key replacement in North York

Yesterday I was rushing into work and when I started my car I spanned my key in half, now late and left with no key for my car I called Car Locksmiths who assured me they would make the key I needed right away. They sent their guy out to my house in North York and he really did make the BMW car key replacement I needed right there on the spot. I was still late for work but not nearly as bad as missing the entire day. Thanks Guys!

Kevin Sanders

Motorcycle key replacement in Richmond Hill

I recently bought a used Harley; after spending countless hours and money restoring the bike I was ready to take her out on the road for the first time. But I could not for the life of me find the key, frantically I searched my entire house with no luck. I finally called Car Locksmiths and they had a service man right over with the key I needed to take my new bike out for the first time just like I planed. He even made me a spare key! With out him and the team at Car Locksmiths my whole day would have been ruined!

Henry Franklin

Car battery boot service in Markham

The other night after a Leaf's game I found my car dead in the parking lot, after asking everyone I could for jumper cables because I of course do not have any I had no other choice but to call for help. I called into Car Locksmiths because they were the only company open. Within a few minutes a emergency tech was at my car giving my car battery the boost it needed to get me back on my way home. Thank you once again for saving my night!

Jessica Andrews

Emergency car lockout service in Brampton

I want to send a special thank to from Car Locksmiths in Brampton, I was out there for business and after leaving the meeting I could not find my keys. I arrived to my car and saw them sitting inside, I called Car Locksmiths and they sent a service technician right out! He opened my car and made me a spare as well for my vehicle. Thanks Again guys!

Mallory Hull

Car key replacement in Toronto

Lost my car keys the other night while out on the town for a friends birthday, was very nervous because I had to get home to feed my dogs. Within a few minutes after calling the Car Locksmiths there was a technician at my side making the new key I needed to get home to my babies. Thanks so much Jeff!